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Gradient that fades to transparency
Gradient that fades to transparency
Gradient that fades to transparency

Sales Strategy

Full analysis of your current sales process. Ongoing services can include large deal navigation, individual rep development, proof-of-concept and pricing strategy, target account list development, prospecting automation and call coaching. We'll help identify potential bottlenecks while gaining an

in-depth understanding of your business.

GTM Strategy

Gradient that fades to transparency

We'll dive into your existing go-to-market strategy and uncover buyer groups, high-value partners and alternate ecosystems you should be leveraging. With fresh eyes, we'll identify growth opportunities to accelerate org-wide revenue. These services include market positioning, ideal-customer profile development, partner programs, account-based revenue plays and hiring.

Gradient that fades to transparency

Our bench includes founders and SaaS revenue leaders who have led fundraising with successful exits. For a low a monthly retainer, we'll support your team with a combination of GTM and sales strategies. Whether you're pivoting to a new vertical or going up-market for the first time, we can help. We'll even join live sales calls if you need it.


About Market Motion

Founder, Eddie Patzsch, is is a two-time founder, sales leader and individual contributor with a proven track record of developing and executing successful go-to-market strategies.

As a founding member of four enterprise sales teams, Eddie has helped organizations scale from $0 to $100M annually by leveraging an entrepreneurial approach to secure record-revenue deals.

In his career, Eddie has had the opportunity to consult with a variety of brands including Forbes, Samsung, Complex Media, Ziff Davis, Yahoo!, Big Commerce, Publicis Groupe, SolarWinds, Groupon, Coffee Bean, LexisNexis, McKinsey, Boscov's, Kroger, Lenovo and MasterCard.


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